120+ stickers /

Just finished an extremely fun project! Had to think up a LOT of monsters, whew! Watch this space :)


Chromacon on the 12th of May /

I’m taking part in Chromacon 2013, an illustration and comic arts festival. Check out my wee artist write-up here. Chromacon will be held on Sunday, 12 May from 9am to 5pm at the Aotea Centre. I will be selling some mounted works, prints and other goodies. Please bring cash.

A huge thank you to the event director, Allan Xia who invited me to participate.
Will keep you updated as I progress through my work.  :)
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Inspired /

Inspired by the comics exhibit at the St. Paul Street Gallery (links to the exhibit are here and here) and an interesting conversation with Richard, I have, after much apprehension, bought my first calligraphy nib. MY GOD. The lines are so dramatic and organic, and so much easier to use than a pen brush. I am in love.


Life in the city /

Drunk teens, unhappy geriatrics and dragons attacking a city! More details to be released as soon as this project is done with. Watch this space.


Auckland Pride Festival /

Extremely happy and proud to be the designer for the first ever major Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered festival and parade in New Zealand: the Auckland Pride Festival!
Thanks to the Festival Coordinator, Julian who let me work on this wonderful project.
Don’t forget to like the official Auckland Pride Festival Facebook page by clicking here.